Long Lashes

Frequently asked questions

How long do the lashes last?

Typically, they last about two weeks, but varies based on the care that is given to them. You are good to them, they will be good to you!!

How long does a set of lashes take?

On average, a full set takes 90 minutes to 2 hours, and fills typically take 90 minutes or less. It differs based on product and number of lashes, but when we are working with you we encourage you to take a nice little nap and relax. Who can argue with that?

Can I still wear mascara?

Absolutely! There are certain mascaras that are more "friendly" to your lashes that we recommend, but the lashes are show-stopping even bare. We also have tips on how to remove makeup from your lashes as well.

How do I wash them?

We recommend using something very gentle to cleanse your lashes. We like baby shampoo or we offer a lash cleanser to buy as well.

Are they safe for my eyes?

The biggest concern we hear is, "Will it damage my natural lashes?" and we are happy to inform you that when eyelash extensions are applied safely and correctly they do not cause damage. Just avoiding pulling or tugging on the extension because this will cause damage to your natural lashes.